BLM South River 1999 Timber Sales


Ragu Timber Sale

This proposed timber sale is around Camas Valley. One unit is immediately adjoins the Camas Mountain State Park, the old rest stop on the crest of the hill between Tenmile and Camas Valley. We don't have to worry about it desecrating the park though, because the park was clearcut several years ago (except for some trees right next to highway 42). However, Ragu is the only big trees left in the area. Anyone who stops at the old rest-stop appreciates the big trees next to the clearcut park. Picture on the left is unit i, just across Highway 42 from the Park.

If BLM has their way, they would prefer to see this remarkable public forest clearcut. As of 4/99, the proposal is to clearcut over 5 mmbf (about 1,000 log truck loads), from 177 acres.
Another very remarkable unit is just south of Camas Valley. I was amazed when I arrived at unit G (picture on right). After traveling through cutover tree plantations for miles, I suddenly came upon big-old trees. Sure enough, it was Ragu unit G - the only old-growth for miles. And this is a particularly wondrous forest -- a classic ancient forest of very old Douglas Fir and Sugar Pine overstory, and a soft moss forest floor littered with big, ancient downfall.

4/99 status: This sale is still in the planning stage. You have time to send your comments to BLM to be considered in any decision.

Loose Laces
Cow Catcher timber sales

The BLM Loose Laces and Cow Catcher timber sales are entirely within the municipal water supply for the town of Riddle. This community had to move it's water plant 10 years ago because the quality and quantity of water was degraded. Now, they need to put in a new water plant next year - all at the expense of the town residents.

Yet the timber industry has reaped huge profits logging off the watershed. Unfortunately, the public lands in the watershed will suffer the same fate - they are all in the "matrix" (slated to all eventually be logged). The Northwest Forest Plan does not protect municipal watersheds.

In 1974 BLM signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with the city of Riddle concerning their municipal water supply. But this MOA does not even require BLM to consult with the City before planning sales in their watershed. In fact, the MOA does not afford Riddle any additional protection for their watershed, except for one: "Only workmen in good health shall be employed to work within the watershed." As long as no one is sick, the watershed can be entirely roaded and clearcut.

Cow Catcher and Loose Laces are the first two timber sales planned since Riddle's watershed was designated 'matrix'. Cow Catcher (in Russle Creek and Lower Cow Creek) could clearcut 189 acres. The Loose Laces forest (in Russle Creek) will clearcut 202 acres of old-growth forests, hauling away about 800 logging trucks of public forests (7300 ccf). BLM hopes to sell off these public forests sometime in 1999.

The official 'public comment' period on Loose Laces is closed (but not Cow Catcher). BLM might open up comment again in the future. But, anybody can talk to BLM at any time about any sale they want. Just click here to send BLM email. If you include your mailing address, BLM will officially "consider" your comments, and it will be in the public record that the public had an opinion about logging in municipal watersheds.