Roseburg BLM Timber Sales
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The Roseburg District of the Bureau of Land Management is entrusted with managing the public forests in Douglas County from the edge of the National Forest in the cascade mountains, west to the towns of Elkton and Camas Valley in the coastal mountain range. Roseburg BLM is divided into two areas: the Swiftwater Resource Area (northern half), and the South River Resource Area (southern half). BLM has traditionally managed our public forests for the best interest of industry, helping to push wildlife, like native fish species, to the brink of extinction. Since the regulations of the Northwest Forest Plan began in 1995, they are now only supposed to maintain or restore our watersheds. Let's see how they are doing.

Contacting Roseburg BLM District Office

Roseburg BLM Subjects

2008 projects:

South Umpqua River Watershed Project clearcutting old growth near Days Creek.

2006 projects:

Dickerson Heights timber sale: Logging old-growth at the expense of owls and murrelets.
South Myrtle Creek Regeneration Harvest: A new proposal that combines the former Class of '98 and Upper South Myrtle sales.
What-a-Gas timber sale: A proposal to clearcut log 125 acres of old-growth in the Calapooya Creek area.

2005 projects:

Déjà vu timber sale: Salvage logging of live trees following the Bland Mountain II Fire.
Green Thunder timber sale: This massive sale has resurfaced after a prior cancellation.
Can Can Revised EA timber sale: 520 acres of mature and old growth clearcutting near Canyonville and Azalea.

2004 projects:

Diet Coq timber sale: Located north of Camas Valley, presents two definitions of "restoration."

2003 projects:

Cow Catcher timber sale: Judge Hogan ruled in favor of clearcutting 146 acres of mature and old-growth forests.

2002 projects:

Cooper Creek Reservoir: Your favorite place to boat. It all got cut.

2001 projects:

Silver Butte Mine: Partially on Roseburg BLM land, threatens Riddle's water supply.

2000 projects:

Industrial/BLM land exchange: ULEP once threatened Smith River's oldest public forests.
Fertilizing: Roseburg BLM was stopped.

1999 sales proposed, all stopped by Rothstein, 5/01.

IBLA Judges stops BLM timber sales.
Landslides at Right View
: BLM logs unstable slopes.
Watson Mountain
: Near Glide.
Pipeline: Cutting our backyards near Yoncalla
Bell Mountain timber sale: Near Elkton
Ragu: In Camas Valley, the ax is stopped.
Loose Laces and Cow Catcher: In the municipal watershed for Riddle.
Can Can: South of Canyonville, adjacent to I-5.

1998 sales (all stopped)

Sugar Pine: Cutting old-growth for restoration near Tiller.
Cobble Creek: Proposed clearcut in cathedrial ancient forest near Glide.
Christopher Folly: Proposed clearcut in Canton Creek Key Watershed.
Class of '98: one mile outside of Myrtle Creek.
Emile: Little River Watershed, near Glide.
Pine Creek: East of Sutherlin.

1997 sales sold, but most stopped.

Diamondback: Public Ancient Forest destruction 11 miles from Sutherlin.
Red Top: Clearcutting in a Key Watershed (this one got cut).
South Myrtle Timber Sales planned for next 10 years.

1996 and 1995, all cut except Broken Buck.

Right View Timber Sale Protest: Two women sit in forest canopy.
Broken Buck Timber Sale: Logging on landslide prone slopes.
Landslides in Brush Creek: BLM supplied "stream improvement" logs from our LSR.
Summit Creek Clearcut: A photo essay about clearcutting in a Smith River LSR.
Yellow Creek: Another prime LSR clearcut photo essay.
Kernel John Deforestation: Milo's Watershed.
Olalla Wildcat Timber Sale: A surprise rider sale given to Sun Studs.
Louis Weaver Deforestation: Some sold in '96, some yet to be sold.
Dead Middleman Deforestation: Other green Salvage sales given to D.R. Johnson.
Old Dillard Deforestation: Old-growth clearcut of 5.6 mmbf near the town of Winston.
Four Gates: Riparian reserves clearcut.