East Fork Coquille Timber Sale

Brown Elk and Pleasant Yankee Sales Stopped!

11-6-06 Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Rules that BLM violated protection for the Red Tree Voles


BLM proposes to clearcut 600 acres of mature and old-growth forests

September 2005 Update:

The East Fork Coquille Timber Sale sale is located west of Roseburg in the Coastal Mountain Range, near Coos Bay Wagon Road, between Reston and Sitkum. The BLM is consdering two options: Alternative 3 is the proposed alternative which clearcuts forests up to 180 years old. Alternative 2 considers clearcutting forests up to 420 years old. While we are glad the latter alternative will not be chosen, we need to tell the BLM it is not okay to clearcut old growth forests up to 180 years old.

Thanks to your comments concering this issue, the BLM has deferred logging 133 acres of the oldest trees, but forests 180 years old and younger are still at risk. This idea is good in theory until we consider what BLM calls non old-growth forests to still be old-growth:

Unit 119

Unit 110

Unit 130

Unit 119


The units seen below are still threatened with logging, but have been postponed until the BLM can eliminate their "Critical Habitat" designation. In 2004, a lawsuit reqiured the BLM to only restore, never degrade Critical Habitat for the northern spotted owl. If the Endangered Species Act protections are reduced, as the timber industry hopes for, the units below can be quickly sold and cut.

Of the 900 acres to be clearcut, 600 are mature and old-growth forests. The oldest forest to be clearcut has trees over 425 years old, more than 200 years older than our nation. The trees on the right are
about 300 years old.

Unit 108

The old growth unit on the left should never be converted to another managed tree plantation.

The BLM is proposing to thin 2,000 acres of old clearcuts to enhance wildlife habitat. This is good, we encourage the BLM to proceed with this part of the project. However, unit 108 should not be converted to another tree plantation when the BLM has a backlog of tree plantations that need to be thinned. Tell BLM not to convert unit 108 to another tree plantation.

See address to write to below.

This is a rare and beautiful place that supports habitat for plants, wild critters and clean water. Pictured at right is the East Fork Coquille River, which flows through this timber sale area.


say 'Good Bye' or speak up NOW!

Can you believe the size of these trees? This forest is about 300 years old.

Should we cut 'em down to create new and overcrowded plantations that are fire hazards?

Tell them firmly:


Huge coastal tree - one of the few left

Unit 104

Unit 105

making shade and water storage

Unit 104

Unit 107. Photo by James Johnson

Unit 105

The northern spotted owl and marbled murrelet populations that depend on these forests for nesting are continuing to decline. Many of the forests set aside for old-growth dependent animals (Late Successional Reserves) were previously clearcut and have not regrown enough to help.

Please write to the Coos Bay BLM Myrtlewood Field Manager Pat Ryan and ask him to take the old-growth logging out of the proposal. Clearcutting old-growth is a national concern and not acceptable to most of the American public. Tell him how you feel about logging old-growth forests. See address below.

it will be unethical to cut these down

Unit 104

Unit 108


Download MAPS of some old-growth units here.

Would you like to see these forests? To find them, a Coos Bay District road map is necessary. One can be picked up at any BLM office for $4.00.

In addition, you should download unit maps on the right. Note the township, range, and section identification in the Location column to the right (example: unit 100 is "28-9-3". This is Township 28, Range 9, Section 3). You can match this location to the Coos Bay District road map. Then, compare the BLM road map with the roads seen on the aerial photo map, and you're on your way.

Topo maps are about 200k, and Aerial photo maps are about 600k each

Aerial Photo Maps Acres Location Age in years
Unit 100 47 28-9-3 400
Units 101, 102, 103 16 28-9-11 300
Units 104, 105, 107. 159 28-9-13 300
Unit 108 47 28-9-15 300
Units 124 thru 128. 50 28-11-32 153
Unit 131 71 28-11-13 200
Units 134. 135 15 28-11-17 223
Unit 138 7 29-11-3 300

Topo map of unit 100 (not very good).
Topo map of units 104, 105, 107.
Topo map of just unit 104.
Topo map of unit 108.
Topo map of unit 131.

Please Do something!
Call or write BLM Now!

Pat Ryan
Myrtlewood Field Manager,

Coos Bay BLM
1300 Airport Lane
North Bend, OR 97459

or email coosbay@or.blm.gov
Phone: (541) 756-0100
or (888) 809-0839

Send another copy to State Representative
Peter Defazio

2134 Rayburn H.O.B.
Washington DC, 20515
Phone: (202) 225-6416

Refer to EA# OR128-03-17 in your comments.

Red Tree Vole surveyor

Citizen surveyor shooting climbing rope into old-growth tree to look for red tree voles.