The Logging Rider Law in the Umpqua

In July of 1995, the US Congress passed the now famous "Salvage Rider Bill." This bill, among other things, mandated the harvesting of millions of board feet of green healthy trees in Oregon and Washington, setting aside all environmental regulations. It was a boon for the Timber Industry, and a crush for our environment, quality of life, and other industries dependent on forest resources (like fishing). Many of these sales were withdrawn in years past because of their extremely damaging effects. We now have some of the worst timber sales in our history logged now, and for years to come.

Northwest Forest Plan Rider Sales in Douglas County: The Logging Rider prohibited enforcement of all environmental laws, even on these sales.
Right View Timber Sale Protest: Outrage over this sale spurred a year long tree-sit.

Paw Timber Sale
: No citizen input was allowed in this roadless area.

Broken Buck: breaking the rules on unstable soils. Trade for Murrelet sale.

Judi Sale: This illegal sale in City of Cottage Grove's watershed was rushed through under the rider.

Kernel John: A Key Watershed and just another big old clearcut.

Four Gates: In absence of environmental laws, the riparian buffers were cut in half.

Legal Challenge Under the Salvage Rider: Four sales in Diamond Lake R.D. Court rules rider allows no environmental concerns. Cutthroat listed as endangered two days later.

Old '318' Clearcuts in Douglas County: The Logging Rider released the worst of the old sales, thought to have been long dead because of their extreme environmental damage.

Summit Creek, and the tragedy of Smith River between Drain and Eugene.
Yellow Creek Information, and photos and funeral.

Pond View Timber Sale:

Honeytree Deforestation: Testimony from the ground.

Sales May Force Extinction Of Umpqua Salmon: 5 sales in the Umpqua.

Olalla Wildcat: Sun Studs awarded a surprising windfall.

Dead Middleman: Ravaging the South Umpqua.

First and Last Timber Sale:

Protesting Ancient Forest Liquidation in the Umpqua.

National Marine Fisheries: Scientists tell frightening news of the Umpqua River.

A Windfall For Timber, $16,000,000 loss for taxpayers.

Trading Bad Sales, 318 old growth sales with endangered birds will be traded in 1997.