Honeytree Timber Sale

Honeytree timber sale was 7.2 mmbf on 167 acres of towering old giants in the Canton creek drainage. It was sold and awarded in 1990. The Forest Service revealed that the "area is currently at very high risk of undergoing further landslides into [Hipower] creek." The fisheries experts recommended that all uncut units be bought back until the watershed had recovered. Because of its extreme detrimental effect on the entire ecosystem, an injunction stopped the completion of its harvest. Unfortunately, the recommendation was overridden by the clearcut logging rider in 1995, and Roseburg Forest Products has completed its destruction.

Before the clearcut logging rider mandated that its destruction continue, there remained 91 acres uncut with 3.8 mmbf of ancient trees left. They were cut early in 1996. Read about its present legacy below.

VictimHoneytree Timber Sale
Views From The Ground

To: The President of the United States, Et. all

With the greatest of sadness I would like to share with you my heart. What I saw yesterday saddened me deeply. Roseburg Lumber Company cut trees that are bigger than I ever imagined existed still on earth. Hiking through the forest, a group of 5 of us came upon hundreds of fallen giants lying vagrant in the muddy stream that is the beginning of the confluence that I fished as a boy with my father. As an ex-logger I could see that this logging site (Honeytree) was logged with no regard to any environmental concern. It was dirty and quick, and there was not a logger or machine to be seen, only a valley of scared trees lying recklessly on top of the devastated earth.

My request is that you repeal, in entirety, the Salvage Logging Rider and please Mr. President, please take a moment to see for yourself the last of our natural world. Your signature is the cause of the destruction of my heritage.

Most Sincerely, S. Shivia, Eugene Oregon

Just a few days ago I was bringing in the new year by witnessing what greed, corruption, lies and a lack of courage brings to the innocent, it brings death. The agent of death in this case being the Salvage Logging Rider.

Spread out before me as I was sitting in a small meadow was a graveyard of 300 to 500 year old Douglas fir trees that were hastily cut. I sat there being overwhelmed by this insanity and what felt like the impossibility of preventing further destruction of these ancient forests. As these thoughts kept me frozen in place I began seeing my friends moving about the fallen trees, taking photographs, shooting video, bearing witness and taking action to reveal the truth of these criminal acts to the people of this country and its elected officials. After seeing these men and women crawling around on these fallen trees there was only one thing that could be done, I got off my ass and went to work.

For the sake of these ancient forests I hope you'll do the same.

T. Lewis, Eugene Oregon

On December 31 and January 1, 1996, I visited three timber sales in the Umpqua National Forest and Roseburg BLM District. It became obvious immediately that huge acreage's have been clear-cut by Roseburg Forest Products (Scott Timber) and D.R. Johnson as quickly as possible, even no equipment was anywhere to be found. My assessment is that these companies are cutting everything in a mad rush before the Salvage Logging Rider is repealed. Under siege right now is the Umpqua National Forest and the Roseburg BLM District. One freshly clear-cut unit of the Honeytree timber sale contains more gigantic trees in one place than can be witnessed anywhere in Oregon. Here can be seen literally hundreds of trees between four and eight feet in diameter and 300 to 500 years old in unbelievable profusion They are all cut!

Roseburg Forest Products is rapidly clearcutting hundreds of acres of old growth forest throughout Oregon. Also known as Scott Timber, Roseburg Forest Products, along with Boise Cascade is one of the main beneficiaries of the Salvage Logging Rider. Holding claim to 25 old growth "timber sales" totaling more than 203 million board feet, Roseburg Forest Products will cut 4,100 acres of irreplaceable old growth forest unless the salvage rider is repealed now!! In the face of a possible repeal of the salvage rider, Roseburg Forest Products and D.R. Johnson are leveling Ancient Forests at a truly obscene rate!

B. Cole, January 2, 1996, Eugene Oregon

After visiting the Yellow Creek Timber Sale (units 1 and 2) in the Roseburg BLM and the Honeytree Timber Sale (units 7 and 8) in the Umpqua National Forest, it was very apparent the Roseburg Lumber Co. had only brought in chainsaws to destroy as many trees as possible. There was no other equipment on either sale. Their apparent reasoning is to clear-cut every fat green tree before this salvage "Lawless logging" is repealed by congress and the President. Killing hundreds of 200 to 400 year old trees 4 to 7 feet in diameter that will never be again is an atrocity! I have lived here in Oregon for 23 years, and have seen many clear-cuts, but never have I been so outraged by this crime against all generations.

S. Wilson, January 2, 1996, Eugene Oregon