Umpqua National Forest Timber Sales

How to Contact the Umpqua National Forest
Umpqua Fire 2002 facts

Diamond Lake Ranger District

Lemolo Watershed Timber Sale: Another 7,000 log truck loads in 2004.

Warm Springs: Cutting started July 2004.

Diamond Lake threatened by poisoning: Plan implicated to exorcise non-native invasive tui chub.

Baked Apple & Ash Creek fire salvage timber sales begin: Comments are due now.

Diamond Lake District Threatened by Unprecedented Logging:
UW newsletter article written by Francis Eatherington.

Fish Creek Watershed timber sale:
A new huge sale proposal near the Lemolo, Upper North and Warm Springs sales.

Medicine Mountain National Monument Proposal: Economic data is now available.

Pinestrip timber sale:
Forest Service accidentally clearcuts streamside protection buffer.

North Umpqua Hydroelectric Project Relicensing: Eight dams and 37 miles of canals, flumes and tunnels block fish passage.

Warm Springs - Jigsaw and Whitebird. Old growth cutting on the Umpqua, north of Lemolo Lake.

Snog Timber Sale: Old Growth in Garwood Butte Roadless Area that is exempt from all laws and scheduled to be cut summer of 2000.

Dog Prairie DEMO: Exempt from all laws to test what happens when you log.

A Review Of 1997 sales: Umpqua National Forest slaughters the forests of Diamond Lake.

Mt. Bailey Roadless Area: A valuable unprotected wilderness next to Diamond Lake.

Pigout and Peanuts Timber Sales: 3,000 more logging trucks of native forests to be taken from Toketee.

PAW Timber Sale: Clear-cuts in old-growth, logging and new roads in the ROADLESS area, on the flanks of Mount Bailey. No public comments were considered in the EIS.

Watson Falls DEMO sale: Watson Falls timber sale is the first sale offered in the experiment to harvest old-growth to test the effects of deforestation on old-growth characteristics.

North Umpqua Ranger District

Baked Apple timber sale

Stewart Mine in Steamboat Creek Key Watershed

Cedar Creek Restoration

Felix Timber Sale:
Does everything wrong - clearcuts important wildlife corridors, degrades unique habitats, and clearcuts right next to a roadless area, leaving no buffer.

Honeytree: Tragedy of the Logging Rider

Little River DEMO Timber Sale: Umpqua National Forest withdraws Little River Demo timber sale!


Tiller Ranger District
Umpqua Fire 2002 Facts

Stopped 1999 and 2000 timber sales
: Luke, Summit, Zinc, Spam, and Wildcat.

Benchmark Salvage Sale: 1997 fire salvage sale implementing Beschta.

Killer Cows in Tiller:
Cows trample, eat, and compact the stream side banks, causing sediment to suffocate fish eggs.

Logging Rider Sales in Tiller, 1996: No sympathy existed for the tall ancient trees and their land mates.


Cottage Grove Ranger District

Layng Creek DEMO Timber Sale: Withdrawn
Hardesty Mountain: An unprotected wilderness.

Judie Timber Sale: Threatens Hardesty Wilderness.

Salty Timber Sale: More threats to Cottage Grove's city water.

Blodgett Timber Sale: This sale includes logging within a mile of the very popular Emerald Pool on Brice Creek.

How To Contact the Umpqua National Forest

The Forest Service has email available to individual personnel. If you are going to e-mail the Forest Service anything, it is strongly suggested that you include your mailing address, because the individual might not be able to, or want to, reply to you via email.

Be sure to address your comments to the District Ranger for the district the sale is in.

If it is in Cottage Grove, talk to Deb Schmidt.
If it is in North Umpqua, talk to Carol Cushing.
If it is in Diamond Lake, talk to John Ouimet.
If it is in Tiller, talk to Roshanna Stone.

Or tell it to the Public Relations Officer, Cheryl Walters.

Their website is temporarily unavailable

Supervisor's Office
2900 NW Stewart Parkway
PO Box 1008
Roseburg, OR 97470
(541) 672-6601
(541) 957-3495 (fax)

Cottage Grove Ranger District
78405 Cedar Pk Rd.
Cottage Grove, OR 97424
(541) 767-5000
(541) 767-5075 (fax)

Diamond Lake RD
2020 Toketee RS Rd.
HC 60 Box 101
Idleyld Park, OR 97447
(541) 498-2531
(541) 498-2515 (fax)

North Umpqua RD
18782 N. Umpqua Hwy.
Glide, OR 97443
(541) 496-3532
(541) 496-3534 (fax)

Tiller RD
27812 Tiller Trail Hwy.
Tiller, OR 97484
(541) 825-3201
(541) 825-3259 (fax)