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Overgrown road

Over grown road in the 5 Sticks area

In our recent newsletter we talk about “Umpqua Roads Gone Crazy.” The Umpqua National Forest, with its proposed Travel Management Plan, would like to open our forests to ATV use. This will severely effect out quiet recreation and destroy many roads whether they are open or closed. Because of these factors and many others, we are driving our forest roads and collecting data on the condition of these roads to show why we believe they should not be used for ATV use.

We need motivated and willing volunteers to help inventory roads!!! We are starting to run out of time before we need to present our data!

Overgrown road
Volunteer Chris standing in road
rut to show scale

Volunteers’ duty is to drive out to an assigned area with a provided backpack (containing data sheets, GPS, compass, (*volunteer brings their own digital camera*) and inventory every ATV proposed road by recording GPS location, taking a picture, and driving down the road to record its condition.

We are organizing group outings and will need volunteers to join our team! You can join us and even make it into camping adventures as well.

Please call or email 541-672-7065 or

UPDATE: Almost all the Tiller area have been Road Truthed but almost none of the North Umpqua areas have. This leaves the North Umpqua at risk of being opened up to ATV use.

Here is a list of areas still needing data:

Black Rock Pillars Canton Creek
Castle Rock Horn Prairie Lemon Butte
Bulldog Rock Frog Rock Homestead Ridge
Limpy Rock Bear Bones Williams Creek
Cougar Bluffs Thunder Creek Shadow Falls